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Oversized Transport

Transportation of goods that exceeds the standard or ordinary legal size limits

If you need to transport goods, machinery or whose objects that dimentions adn/or weight exceed the permissable norms of transportation, then LOGISTICS PLUS can offer you a Transportation Service of oversized, heavy or special cargo.

Oversized Transport is considered when the size and weight of the load is much higher than standard dimensions (13,60m x 2,45 m x 3m - LxWxH) of a standard 20 ton truck.

The maximum permissible weight of cargo depends on the number of axles of the carrying trailer.

Oversized trailers are several types: Low bed, extensible trailers in width and / or length for extremely long or wide goods, with a variable number of axles.

We offer solutions and optimum rates for oversized transport both international as well as export/import.

Oversized Transport