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Freight transportation
for all EAEU countries

Provide comfortable and profitable transportation with the best combination of price and quality.

Forwarding and transportation

We solve issues related to the transportation and forwarding of cargo. We provide a competent solution to all issues

Customs clearance

Passing the service as quickly as possible due to the experience of our specialists. Fulfillment of obligations.

Order the shipment of the cargo in a way convenient for you!

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About us

We are engaged in international cargo transportation

We provide services that allow you to establish long-term cooperation with clients. Our priority is to provide comfortable and profitable transportation.

Our advantages and guarantees

The transport organization has the following parameters:

Our prices

Favorable prices
in relation to competitors


Speed of cargo

Safety of goods

Control over quantity
and quality of goods

Calculation of cost

Right and fast calculation
of service costs

All types of transport

Providing all types
of delivery

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Armenia, Yerevan, 6/a Abelyan st.


Aren Arakelyan

EU cargo transportation Manager
Alexandra Marqaryan

Cargo transportation manager in East Asia and Europe
Hovhannes Arakelyan

Representative in Moscow
Cargo transportation manager in East Asia and Europe
Papik Arzumanyan