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Less than truckload shipping

Less than Truck Load — is a type of transportation for small sized goods or cargo that belong to several different customers that are transported in the same truck. LTL is used to reduce the cost of transportation.

LTL is convenient by Small and Medium Sized businesses as it allows to spread the cost of one full truck between several customers. Every single customer uses up a certain amount of space within the truck and pays only for the space that it uses.

LTL transportation is popular throughout various industries starting with manufacturers to importers and distributors. For customers that require LCL we are transporting palletized goods, cases, machinery or/and their parts, etc.

Less than truckload shipping
Less than truckload shipping


  1. Economicaly effective price of transportation
  2. A perfect sollution for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

To perform this type of service we use logists warehouses from our wide chain of partners, what allows us daily to help our customers save time and money as well as optimize the whole transportation service from various parts of Europe.